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Iorwuese Anum

Influence of High-Density Polyethylene Admixtures on Water Sorptivity Behaviour of Medium and High strength Concretes

Admixture; High Density Polyethylene; Modified Concrete; Pulverisation; Sorptivity; Treatment.

Umar Abdullahi

Influence of Entrepreneurship Orientation on Financial Performance of Construction SMEs in Nigeria

Aggressive competition; Autonomy; Entrepreneurship orientation; Proactiveness; Financial performance; Innovativeness; Risk taking

Adeb Qaid

Air temperature Distribution of Different Features and Urban Typology Blocks of Putrajaya City (Malaysia)

Air temperature; Urban Heat Island; Putrajaya Boulevard; Residential area; Urban Typology Block


Impact of street path’s form on achieving human scale in a city

Cardinal directions, Human-Scale City, City mental map, Steet network planning