A decision support discussion to select the location for vertical farm in Bahrain

During the 21st century, food security has become a significant concern due to the growing population and the Earth’s diminishing resources. The Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the numerous countries that has been affected by urbanization, where the urban expansion was at the price of agricultural land. The paper introduces a rational for Vertical Farms that are sustainable solutions for 21st – century urbanization. It brings multiple benefits to Bahrain and its community in terms of food security, education, awareness, and health. It also supports its food security strategy and its 2030 vision. The study discusses the proposed project location in terms of the project’s needs as an urban vertical farm that aims to serve locals & residents of Bahrain by improving the quality and quantity of locally grown fruits and vegetables in an indoor controlled environment. The paper discussed various analyzed case studies of comparable type projects to understand better the project’s purposes, spaces, technological needs, and other significant features. Then, introducing and discussing a decision support framework for a set of criteria that responds to the primary sustainability pillars have been established to identify the best potential site to assure project success.