Scope of the Journal

Interior design scope

  • 01

  • Architecture

  • Topics related to Architectural Engineering

  • 02

  • Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Planning

  • Topics related to Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Planning

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  • Interior Design

  • Topics related to Interior Design

1. Architecture

  • Indoor and outdoor environment quality, including thermal comfort sensations, visual comfort, lighting, natural and mechanism ventilations, air quality, health that related to green energy and sustainability.
  • Climate / bioclimatology that effects green energy, energy consumption and demands
  • Passive design strategies adoptive to the green energy buildings
  • Techniques and Solutions to mitigate the impact of the existing and future Buildings and built environmental impacts.
  • Energy and Buildings are an international journal publishing articles with explicit links to energy use in buildings. The aim is to present new research results, and new proven practice aimed at reducing the energy needs of a building and improving indoor environment quality.
  • Building physics and material
  • Building construction
  • Building structure
  • Transportation and traffic
  • Buildings and embodied energy
  • Zero CO2 emission and zero energy consumptions and energy conservation
  • Smart and intelligent building and city
  • All research related the resilience building and cities
  • Ecology and biology impact the city
  • Water and water conservation
  • Thermal, acoustic, visual, air quality building science and human impacts

The journal publishes original papers, review articles, technical notes, and letters to the editor. Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts which bridge the gaps between research, development, and implementation.


2. Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Planning

  • Urban Design & Built Environment
  • Built Heritage and Conservation
  • Sustainable Urban Development
  • GIS & Remote Sensing & Surveying in Urban Planning
  • Land Reclamation
  • Land use policy and Land Cover
  • City and Urban Resilience
  • Earth Sciences and Built Environment
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Pollution and Air Quality
  • Geo-environmental Engineering & Water Resources
  • Irrigation, Water Resources & Management
  • Environmental Engineering & Management
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Environment Management
  • Global Warming, Climate Change and Greenhouses gasses Effects, and Urban Heat Island
  • Waste Management
  • Environmental Ecosystems
  • Water and Wastewater Pollution, and Management
  • Ecological and Conservation
  • Renewable Energy


3. Interior Design

  • Furniture design
  • Interior Finishing Materials
  • Smart Interiors
  • Interior Renovation and Adaptation
  • Interior Design Theories

Interior design scope

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